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God,Family, Country,Camping,Networking

God,Family, Country,Camping,Networking

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Do not let what you CAN not DO stop you from what you can!!! (someone)

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Sam Ammari

Media Coach
Company:  HitsBoosterpro
Industry:  Coach
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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Attention Ning Prospect. Are you looking for a professional to help answer questions about the product and services you SELL on the internet? Do you have leads that your employees can't reach on the weekend?? Are you looking for an expert in retention, coaching, mentoring & training in "Targeted Media Placement" from everything to electronic signatures,press releases,blogs,discussion groups and much more.

Than you can't afford NOT to call me!!!

Sam Ammari


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My Location:  Tempe, Arizona
United States

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Hi Sam, You Sometimes Think YOU Are Nuts? Heck … I Joined 100 MLMs! (Michael Dloughy) http://dannyjohnson.successin10steps.com/?mad=36995 Have a Great Day, Danny & Laura
Hello Sam: Thanks for the friendship. I like your red car!! Everybody Knows that without Pentacle Leadership You Are Dead. Would it be okay if you could learn how to use it? Sincerely Lawrence Bergfeld
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