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::::Non MLM Bust Essential:::: -Dale Carnegie -Napolean Hill -Dan Kennedy -John Carlton ::::MLM Gurus - Classics:::: -Big Al Schreiter -Randy Gage -Dale Calvert -Todd Falcone ::::New Kids On The Block:::: -Ray Hidgon - No BS No Hype MLM Advice -David Wood - Marketing Genius & Highly Entertaining -Rob Fore - For SEO & Link Building He's Your Go To Guy Ray Higdon

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There's no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living...

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Scott McGee

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Well, what can I say?

I’m just a crazy kid, who came into this industry with the belief that it’s real. That the people showing up on the cover of company magazines and walking across the stage at the annual convention were no better than I was.

Most people stumble across network marketing at a friends house or while catching up at a family reunion.

My story’s a little different…

I started out “normal” : ) I grew up in Houston, TX and went to school like we are told to do and worked hard.

But after two years of moving forward I looked at where I was and I felt like I had taken a giant step back. The student loans my academic advisor recommended I take on were getting bigger. My pickup truck stayed at home on most days because it only started when it wanted to. To top it off I was sleeping on my friends couch because I couldn’t pay my rent.

But nothing compares to the day I got a phone call where my 17 year old sister told me she was pregnant. I remembered laying in bed many nights thinking how badly I wanted to help as I watched her struggle financially preparing for her new child to arrive and not being able to do anything… and then I finally had a turning point.

I was visiting my sister when I watched her open up a package from the government which had put her on an assistance program so she could provide for my nephew. People say money won’t buy you happiness, but on that day money would have bought me happiness.

That same night my journey to network marketing began on Google’s homepage with a search – “How to make money”

Over the next year I spent every second of spare time I had reading ebooks, digging through forums, and in seminars looking for answers. I did, ebay, real estate, and put up websites back before WordPress could be installed in under 5 minutes. At the end of it… nothing but more debt.

Every course and training program seemed to make promises they couldn’t keep until I met a man online who introduced me to the concept of network marketing. It was a game changer for me. Something in my gut just KNEW that this was it. Of course, I failed MISERABLY for the first 11 months and experienced what it felt like to work your ass off only to be rewarded with rejection and failure.

Looking back though now, I’m appreciative of those times. Its those times when you really learn about yourself. Over the next few years, my debt continued to decrease, my income continued to increase, and I was able to help my sister which is what got me into the industry. I eventually went on to become on of the top earners and sponsors with one of the 25 largest direct selling companies in the world before the age of 25.

Eventually I got to a point and things started happening faster than I could ever imagine. They were happening so fast I really wondered why it was so hard before. In my experience with my team that is generally how it works. You struggle as you build your skills, but once you finally get it things start happening faster than you ever expected. The important thing is to make sure you don’t quit before you get there.

People often ask me how I had the success I did so young, and my answer is pretty simple. It is still what continues to bring me success today. I never stop looking for answers. I never take my eyes off my vision. I never stop believing I can succeed. And regardless of what success or failure came yesterday I always take massive action today.

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