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Scott OBrien

Business Coach and Mentor
Primary Company:  Shaklee Corporation
Company 2:  TrafficWave.net LLC
Company 3:  Young Living Essential Oils
Other Company:  Scott OBrien
Industry:  Business Opportunities
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Are You Looking For a Winning Opportunity?

Obviously if you are watching this video... we have something in common.... Network Marketing. Look, I'm not going to bend your ear on how great my business is or how awesome our comp plan is or even try to get you to join our team today.

Besides... You may already be involved in a business that you're perfectly happy with and that's ok... I truly wish you all the best if you're in a business and having great success!

What I am looking for is Network Marketers that are looking for a winning opportunity... one that YOU can do! One that's simple and you aren't going to have to make a list of all the people you know and chase all your family and friends. You won't hear the phrase "The 3-Foot Rule with me". You won't have to do Home Presentations unless you want too. I am going to work with YOU personally to build your business through online marketing strategies.

I am doing very well with this business, but it's not about me anymore... I want to help others achieve financial freedom, spend more time with your families, go on luxury vacations, drive company vehicles, win iPads, cameras, and more... plus I want to help YOU earn up to $100K in as little as 15 Months! It's simple, it's doable and YOU can do it.

Not only will you have Financial freedom for YOU and YOUR Family, but you will start living healthier, look younger, feel younger, live longer, and you will be proud to share all these great products! Better yet... people will be coming to you begging for your products!

If You're ready to Start Your New Life, New Venture, New Beginning... Welcome to our Family! Go to:

http://www.EzrLife.com or contact me:

Scott OBrien
home phone: 716-222-0201
skype: AskScottOBrien
email: [email protected]


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My Location:  Buffalo, New York
United States

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Hey Scott, It is a pleasure to meet you here:) So you are an east coaster. Have you lived there all your life? I have never been to the east coast yet. I live in Litchfield MN, born and raised. You sound like the kind of person I like to surround myself with! Attitude is everything! You have quite the profile Scott! Sounds like you live an exciting adventurous life! If we're not having fun we're doing something wrong, right? I am brand new to BetterNetworker as well. I have sought out Betternetworkers to develope long-term relationships with other networkers to exchange info on what does and doesn't work in the industry. I have been in the MLM industry for 8 years, I've never learned more from anything than what I have learned from a FREE e-book which can be found at http://jw.bigmlmsecrets.com Your new friend, Jenny (320) 260-8613 Call Anytime!
Welcome Scott! I just wanted say welcome to our community. For sure you will learn a LOT and meet many really great people. I’ve been a member for a while and I can honestly tell you that this is probably the BEST online community for networking out there (I’ve tried most of them). Also, if you have any questions about marketing, I can probably help! Just shoot me a note. Hey, are you using MySpace yet for networking? It is a GREAT place to meet people and to get lots of free, high-quality leads for your business. Be sure to add me as a friend there, and when you do, remind me that we met here on betternetworker, and I’ll be sure to add you to my group of “Top MySpace Friends”... ;-) You’ll find me under myspace.com/lenabjorna. Look forward to networking with you! Have a super day! Lena
Hi Scott, Welcome to “Better Networker” the best networking site that I know of. I have found it to be productive for meeting people with the same interests. I believe we are all here to network, socialize, grow are businesses and learn. This is absolutely the best site that I have found for that purpose. I hope you will respect it as have and do all you can to improve it. I invite you to enter into an exchange of ideas and thoughts with me without the introduction of companies, product or opportunities, just discussions of concepts and philosophies from which the seeds of all success come. Whether you are extremely successful, not realizing the promises’ made, or just starting into network marketing an exchange of ideas and principals would surely be rewarding to all involved. I believe that I have a very precious gift that I want to share with you at no cost to yourself.. You in turn may also have something to share with me. If these words strike a positive cord feel free to contact me. I will be happy to share my knowledge with you or help you in any way that I can. Your Servant Elwood “Mentoring For Free” 916-706-5125 [email protected] http://Elwood.successin10steps.com
Hey Buddy, Nice to see you made it over here. Nick
Hey Angie Great to have you here. If you are looking for info on how to Network with Networkers I have a free ebook that will save you years of failure and frustration. I was so confused when I first started till I read this book. This was the first book I ever read that told the truth about what does and does not work. I know it will help you be successful. http://www.juanitawaterman.com ps I can not wait to learn more about YOU! Your New Network Marketing Friend Juanita Waterman
Hello, Welcome to the community. I want to give you a free E-book called Success in 10 Steps. I hope you enjoy. Jared Hathorn [email protected]