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I am a very spiritual person, so I love the Lord. Organics, traveling, love to explore new adventures, horseback riding, ballroom dancing, movies, theatre, writing, all types of Arts. I love life so much. Good and the bad.

Oh, just look at my interests. But I do like reality t.v. It's fun!

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You know, I have quiet a few.

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"What you can't cure you must endure!" "Success is not a convenience and it does not come with a discounted coupon"

Angela Harrelson

Company:  World Global Network
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hello fellow networkers,
How are you? I hope you are having a great day.I have been in networkmarketing for approx 10+ years. Some were challenging but most of them years were exciting! I was raised up in N.C along with 14 brothers and sisters. We were pretty much dirt poor…………All my life, we always heard that our family would never amount to nothing all because we were poor. Just think? Grown ups saying that to children. My parents did not graduate from grade school or Highschool. To be honest, my mother only had a 3rd grade education and my father had a sixth grade education. Back in those days, people did good just to have a roof over their heads. One thing my mother taught me was to believe in myself. She always told me that I was just as good as the rich folks. My mother, Laura has been passed away for several years but I can still hear her words today. She instilled powerful work ethics, good morale & reassure my belief in God . No matter how difficult things were in my life, giving up was not an option. As time went on, it was my mother teachings about not giving up and beleieving in God that carry me through those rough periods.

You see,a few years ago, my health deterioated. Doctors did not know what was wrong with me. Finally, through rigorously testing I was diagnosed with a autoimmune disease.I was sick almost every week then eventually every day. I watch my whole & life change before my eyes. I got to the point it was too difficult to walk down stairs because my heart and my breathing had worsen. The ambulance rides became my taxi cabs and the blood draw & needle sticks were daily part of my life. I had no idea the pain people suffered mentally & physically who had gone through major illnesses until it happen to me. When I would looked in the mirror, I could see myself slowly becoming disfigured.
For the first time in my life, I was scrared and frightened.

My heart and my breathing problems became a thing of the past through the grace of God is why I am here today. My cry was to him and no longer to the doctors that were feedin me loads of different drugs. What I learned through it all , was my suprising bravery. I really did not think I was that strong to survive anything like this but God showed me that I was wrong.
Today, I pray everyday. I have my spiritual walks and talks with Him. I am blessed and highly favored. I welcome humility with open arms.I am a walking testimony not just for others,the valuable products but for the Lord. What do I love to do now? I love to travel and I plan on seeing the world. I would love to cruise the world. Because I am now stronger and healthier, I can now pursure my passions. I plan to visit Italy and Australia. Hopefully, get involve with missionary work soon. All of you realize one thing, it’s good to want alot of money but make your health a priority. Your body is a temple.
Take Care
Angela Harrelson

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Hello Selebrity, thank your for sharing your story. What a blessing to walk closely with our Father. Tell me, what do you see as your greatest insight in network marketing? And what has been your greatest challenge? Blessings in Christ! Kai
Hi Selebrity, Pretty name. Thanks for the add. Hope you are having a great day as well. Your Partner in Success, Raquel Joya