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Sharnese LaNier

Company:  Chews-4-Health International
Industry:  Health Care
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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If I could only share one thing with you, it would be that I strive to be a well respected Mentor and Teacher, who really loves helping others. The ONLY way to get what you want in life is to help others get what they want! Aside from that I'm a Work at Home Mom and love hanging out with my adorable son Mekhi.

Within eleven months of Working my Home Based Business part-time,I made a conscious decision to FIRE MY BOSS! 

I became knowledgeable in customer service relations & marketing, and met some great people who are now…my Friends, Business Partners, and Customers. Happy that I am finally helping others towards Time & Financial Freedom.  My goal is to help everyone, so that NO one is left behind.  When I realized that it was me that they were buying, I began to offer Time and Financial Freedom while answering their wants and needs.  That resulted, in taking people from their current reality to their desired end result.

Hearing testimonies within days, makes me jump for joy!  Finally,  a Teacher, A Mentor, and a Manager  coaching individuals to maintain those instant results, which allows my partners, and me both Time and Financial Freedom. Finally, my customers are my customers!  I've built friendships that will last through eternity, and that's what matter to me.  A Business Partner and Customer = Time and Financial Freedom for LIFE!

I love working with Business Owners and others to share the resources, information, ideas, tools and strategies for successfully building and marketing businesses. If, you want the benefits of a coach, teacher and mentor who is dedicated to your success, contact me [email protected] I am here for YOU!


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Hello Sharnese, sorry for not replying when you first connected with me.. but I did not know how and plus.. I was not very active at that time.. now I got back into it and hope I can continue and of course succeed in noble intentions that I have to assist others succeed in their field of interest. From your profile, I can see that I have a lot to learn.. but hey, learning is growing so let's learn together.. Hope all this find you and your family doing well in every way.' regards,'nick c
just stopping by to see how are you & your family are doing .... hope all is well.... have a " Happy Valentines Day "
Comment by Wealthypayday
We are well. And you? Have'nt been on BN because I've been busy organizing Join us!
sam Sneed wrote
Dear Sharnese Your genuine care shines through in your message .Im glad to see you taking care of that dear son I have a 15 year old son myself and i am truly blessed to have him in my life thanks for the welcome message and I look forward to hearing from you again Best randy
Comment by Wealthypayday
Thank you, Randy. God Bless both you and your son. You are welcome! Enjoy BN
Hi Sharnese, Work like you Don't need the Money... Love like you have never lost... Laugh like you have never cried... Sing like no one is listening... Dance like no one is watching... People - I think - can always help each other with something. Maybe a big thing, or a small thing, maybe only a kind word. Søren Egstrup "Doing Business from Home, Only using the Computer & Phone" MLM Building System
Comment by Wealthypayday
Hi Soren! I agree! Thanks for stoping by
Hello Sharnese! Help! I'm so new hear - can you tell me how to change my profile picture? Every time a click on the "help" tab, I get an error page. Thanks so much! Sara
Comment by Wealthypayday
tried 2 send u private message..there r several steps, no room here for me write...try the "newbie" forum
Thank you for the warm welcome. Your baby is so cute! Bless Susana Frederick.
Comment by Wealthypayday
Susans, you are welcome. Thanks! Are you having fun yet?
Hi Sharnese! Since you really love helping others, we already have something in common! As a matter of fact, that's the focus of my business! We build our business as a team, in the true sense of the word. NO one works alone! p.s. Your son IS adorable! Blessings! Sara sarach[email protected]
Comment by Wealthypayday
Great! Thanks!
Hi Sharnese, Thanks for the welcome. I would love to share ideas with you. I believe with whats going on now in the world right now, the focus may be in the health and wellness business. William
Comment by Wealthypayday
That's what we are here for. Thanks for accepting my invite. I agree.
thank you for accepting me to your friends list...nice to meet you....for this weekend here in Michigan summer is showing its face one more time in the 80's wow what a warm weather.... have a great weekend...if you know anyone who is looking for a income opportunity please forward them my info.... now a days Health is everything and without it we don't have anything....... Agnes
Hey Sharnese, Thank you for the kind welcome! Melinda
Comment by Wealthypayday
You are welcome! I love your Blog! Keep it coming!
Hello Sharnese, Your Bio is pretty great too. You wrote a very inspiring story. Thank you for congratulating me. I appreciate you taking the time to look. I hope we can take some time to get to know each other, as it appears we have similar values and goals. Deborah
Comment by Wealthypayday
Thanks for inspiring me! I am glad that YOU think so. You are welcome. Yes we can, you can email/call 910-794-5761 anytime!
Hey Sharnese, As a work from WAH entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for other professionals to network with. I find that pooling our ideas, sharing what works/what doesn't and building a "brain trust" works in everyone's favor. I hope you will consider me an asset to your brain trust. Some of my "best friends" have been found on, and I hope to count you among them real soon. Cenay'
Comment by Wealthypayday
Cenay, thank you so much for considering me. Of course, no questions are definetly an asset! All the best.
Hey Sharnese Thanks for your comment. :-) All the best to you! Lena
Comment by Wealthypayday
You are welcome, Lena. I love your content. Its easy to understand, and very helpful . Same to You. Thanks
Hey Sharnese! Thanks for the friend request! I'm a life long student and teacher. I'm always learning and also always sharing my knowledge with whoever in needs for it. I saw your blog : "New to MLM" There's a new concept out there called G.P.T. (Get paid today) it's not a business, just a concept that puts money in your pocket upfront whether your down line decide to quit your organization or choose to continue you already get paid. It's so cool! Send me an email if you'd like and I'll just forward it to you. [email protected] Hope to hear from you soon!
Comment by Wealthypayday
You are welcome Stephania. I actually was commenting on someone else blog, but thanks for the offer. Much success to you.
Gene G wrote
Hi, Sharnese. Just read your profile and saw some web pages posted there. I wish you the best of luck with YTB travel business. I'm with WorldVentures. You probably heard of us. It is great to be a part of such great companies like yours and mine. Wish you the best of luck, Sharnese Eugene
Comment by Wealthypayday
Thank you, the same to you. If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know
ok great I will watch out for you.. tks Stephen
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