Financial planning, investing in stocks and real estate

Travel, Golf, Weightlifting, Yoga, Running

Favorite Authors:
Napoleon Hill Robert Kiyosaki Dr. Joseph Murphy

Favorite Quotes:
An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity. A pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity - John Gross The biggest obstacle to financial freedom is a job. - Roy Stubblefield

Steve Jenkins

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Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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My Location:  Baltimore, Maryland
United States

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The biggest obstacle to financial freedom is a job..I love that one hope you don't mind if I use it on FB. Many blessings with your PPL business maybe Ill see you in OKC.
Hey Steve, Just wanted to stop by and connect with you..hope we can network sometime.
Steve I tried to send you a private message, but to no avail. please get back to me if you can. and tell me what you are involved with currently, Inquiring minds need to know. Tom,
Hi Steve, Welcome to the site. I look forward to reading your bio. Hope you find the information on this site helpful. If I can be of assistance please feel free to call or e-mail me. Good Luck and God Bless You, Timothy C Burns 847-912-2354 anytime
Hello Steve, and welcome, as you have not posted a bio yet I am curious what caused you to join Better networker. Gain Consulting group is in marketing consulting, so if you share with me your goals, what program you are involved with, possibly we can work to gether to make those ambitions a reality. Someone you should look up on BN is Adrian Armstrong, he helped me the most, and has put some nationally recognized names and marketing muscle behind me, Check him out for sure. Feel free to contact me anytime. Tom Savas, GAin Consulting Group
Hello - Wow BN is terrific!! You will enjoy spending time with all the kindred spirits here. I love reading and sharing ideas, I have learned so much here already! Take your time and enjoy. Stop by and visit me sometime! Enjoy Life and Live Your Dreams Connie Loeschen Free Tools to Succeed in Network Marketing
Hey Steve, Welcome to the family, you are going to love it here! Looking forward to learning more about you.. I am from MN, born and raised. Whats it like in Maryland? Does it stay warm in the winter time? We are getting our first snowfall today. Yeah! I am new to BetterNetworker and have finally found a place that I can build lasting friendships. I have met some extraordinary people here and it’s amazing the valuable nuggets that we can learn from one another! BetterNetworker has been an incredible door opened to develope life long relationships. My main focus is to help others learn how to market and advertise online for FREE! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Even if its just helping you get familiarized with the BetterNetworker system, it would be my pleasure. I have been in the MLM industry for 8 years, I've never learned more from anything than what I have learned for FREE here at BetterNetworker! I hope you will come visit my profile. My website will provide you Free information that will save you years of valuable time, our most precious resource! Give unto others and it will be given! Your New Friend, Jenny (320) 260-8613 Call Anytime!
Welcome to the Community Jared Hathorn
Hi Steve! Welcome to the Community. Look forward to seeing your bio in the near future. I am here to coach and mentor. I would find it a great pleasure to be of assistance if you need some. Please look over my profile. I have a great e-book that may help you gain some additional insight as to why there has been so much Network Marketing business failure. The truth is told in this book. Have a great day! A Friend. Dan Sauvageau 720-851-7720
Hello Steve, Welcome to Better Networker from your new friend Nancy Sampson I think you'll have a great time here. I am a coach and a Mentor... My coaching is absolutely free of charge and we can start immediately. I would love to help you with anything you reach success.. So why not take your first step and download the ebook below entitled "Success In 10 Steps" that will save you many years of failure and frustration as it did me. Click here for the ebook Success in 10 Steps To your success.. Nancy Sampson Your Friend and Mentor For Life.. H-320-243-4459 C-320-309-7754
Hi Steve, The present moment is all you ever have, there is never a time where your life is not this moment, is this not a fact. - Wishing you a Life Filled with Joy - Creator Of: How to Understand Compensation Plans Søren Egstrup “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can leard to do it well” Not enough prospects!
Hey Steve, how are ya? Welcome to the group! I hope you are ready to have your mind stretched... ;-) All the best to you, Lena