Adrian Armstrong

Wellness Consultant and Internet Marketing Coach
Company:  Empower Network and SevenPoint2
Industry:  Business Opportunities
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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I am a full time network marketer and health coach. I have been working online now for about five years. I am dedicated to sharing the successful strategies and systems I have found to help you grow your own network marketing business. If you are looking for guidance or help I'm happy to help you create some online income!


I was born in London, England and moved to Montreal, Canada with my family when I was in grade school.  After graduation, I taught high school, with a specialization in helping children with special needs.  After several years of teaching, I decided to change careers and began working as a professional photographer.  My photography work eventually lead me to the West Coast where I settled in Vancouver.
It was during this time that I sustained a serious back injury that was incapacitating, and left me unable to work or enjoy life at all. I spent years searching for an effective solution for my back pain, and after trying a variety of treatments and bodywork, both traditional and alternative, I began to study Tai Chi.  It was also during this time that I discovered network marketing and the ability to create residual income, and work from the comfort of my home.

Realizing that Tai Chi and alignments were the answer for my crippling back problems, I began to learn all I could about health science, effective nutritional supplementation, body alignment, and the philosophy and practice of, the martial art, Tai Chi.  The difference these health and wellness practices made to my life was so profound, that I decided to dedicate myself to helping others, through being a health coach, teaching Tai Chi and Chi-Gong, doing alignments and professional massage and educating people about effective nutritional supplementation and network marketing.


In addition to my health coaching business, I now spend most of my time teaching people how to select the best online opportunities and marketing systems and mentoring them to success.

All the best for your success,
Adrian Armstrong

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My Location:  Vancouver, British Columbia

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Thanks for the add Adrian, I appreciate you finding me on this site.
Thanks for stopping by. I lost all my information on the site for some reason. But it's always fun starting over. denise
Hey there Adrian. Fascinating page. Check out when you get a chance. Great resource!! RV
Hi Adrian, how can i build my bussiness online? I don't have idea about it. thanks for inviting me to be a friend. I hope you are doing great. hoping to hear from you. stay blessed
Hi Adrian, thanks for the connection. I'd like to swap notes with you and see what you are doing sometime. All the best, Charlie
Thanks for contacting me. I look forward to a long and prosperous friendship. Rick Herring
Thank you for offering you friendship - I hope we can both make much of it. I am usually happy to discuss business and if you need some assistance with areas I am expert in please don't hesitate to ask________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your friend, Loren Woirhaye ______________________________________________________________310-359-8494 - skype: lorenww
Thanks for the add Adrian, I'm looking forward to a long lasting networking relationship with you. I am also interested in good health. If you come across any good medical/health articles please send them my way. To Your Success! -May Nguyen Business Developer
Thanks for the add Adrian!! It's an honor to have you in my connection. I have a really important question, did you ever tried XanGo juice? It might just be the modern remedy for health problems. Your opinion would mean so much, Cisco.
Thanks for adding me, Adrian. To your health, wealth and happiness!!
Adrian, Thanks for adding me to your circle of contacts. Have a GREAT day, Warren
Hello Adrian, Thanks for the invite...interesting bio... look forward to networking with you soon. Have fun Bryan
Hi Adrian, Thanks for the invite, I am looking forward to connecting with you. That's awesome that you live in Canada I've been there a few times, my wife lives in Ottawa, such a beautiful place. Jermaine Roby
Hi Adrian, I am delighted you have sent me a friend request. At the moment I am rather over whelmed with information and don't really know where to start!! I look forward to corresponding with you!
Hello, Thanks for the add. I am new to betternetworker and it is great to see so much information and such great people on here. I look forward to following you. denise
Hi Adrian, has a fellow sufferer,you are and inspiration. I have been living with pain in my lower back and a hip sometimes both since jan 2005. Haven't worked since august 2005. That is what brings me to Internet Marketing, after a few years I came to this website. I'm very happy I have found this place, so many interesting ppl. like you, hope I get a chance to learn from you. Your friend Jack
Thank you for the invite. I am looking forward to learning from you. Dahl
Hi Adrian, thanks for the friendship! Looking forward to share ideas and stories! Best regards!
Hi Adrian, Thank you for this welcome and friendship..Looking forward to hear more on bizzz info and how to loose all those fats on my tummy eversince the ceasarian section 22yrs ago i accumulated those fats and trying hard to get rid of that pounds perhaps kilos of fats. Good luck and all the best to you Adrian. Regards; Norhayati [email protected]
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