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Teri Holmes

"Authentic Living = Unveiling Your Potential and Ultimate Power"
Company:  TLH Global Vista
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Brand New Business (0-1 years)

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Hello Everyone!!! I am Teri Holmes, and I live in the beautiful Marina del Rey, CA.

I’m loving and living life to the FULLEST!!!

I graduated from the prestigious Howard University with a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems….meaning I’m somewhat of a “techie” = (geek).

But I gladly let my friends know that I’m the coolest geek they’ll ever meet.

I worked in Corporate America for the past 8 years for major Technology companies servicing mission-critical servers…..(fixing computers)

My usual day consisted of inhabiting cramped, basement like data-centers with no windows or light, thus facilitating my long lasting relationship with me and the computers. How Sweet!….not!

That was sooo not the life I wanted to live. Although I made great money at this, it did not provide me with the sense of fulfillment I needed.

The Universe must have received the signal of my displeasure because a truly unique and life-changing event occurred that shifted my whole perspective on LIFE.

I was diagnosed with having 10 brain tumors at the age of 27 years old and had to undergo an 18 hour brain surgery. Yes, brain surgery!

This event caused a whole paradigm shift in my world. I realized how precious life is, and that you must truly cherish the days you have; PURSUE YOUR PASSION!.

Whatever it is, whatever you want in your life, like Nike; JUST DO IT! Go after your dreams and Never settle.

After a year of recovery, learning how to do the basic things in life we take for granted such as walking and talking and thinking, I was so excited to go back to work…..Only to get laid of a month later.

What are the odds?

That situation only opened me up to the possibilities of other wonderful opportunities, which is I was led to the wonderful world of Network Marketing through a friend of mine.

The thought of working from home, making your own schedule, and getting paid massive amounts of money were the right criteria for me.

However, I noticed that the constant hounding of my friends and family was not the way I wanted to go about doing this.

I just wasn’t comfortable with that. I knew there just had to be another way.

That’s when I developed a relationship with someone online who introduced me to a whole new world of online marketing and social media.

I learned the new age method of branding yourself through this social medium and I was elated. The most important and valuable lesson learned was to the business of ME, not my Network Marketing company!

Now that I’m getting my feet wet, I feel so empowered. Since I’ve implemented the principles learned, I’m amazed at the how they have propelled my business in such a short time!

I am anxiously looking forward to the limitless possibilities these new online marketing techniques will create for my business.

I’m equally excited at the opportunity to pay this knowledge forward by sharing and motivating others to discover their passion, pursue it, and to Never Quit!

Lovingly Yours,


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My Location:  Marina del Rey, California
United States

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Hi Teri, Welcome to BN. It's nice to meet someone from the West Coast! I trust that you will benefit greatly by all the valuable information offered here. If that is not enough, I have more Free training and mentoring if you like. Glad you are here! Live in abundance! Your friend, Lynn