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I love running my business, but apart from that I enjoy entertaining, driving our classic car, painting and life drawing, movies and reading fantasy novels. I've travelled extensively but am always keen to do more!

Our summer is taken up with taking our veteran car to competition events (concourse), and sharing our time with other like-minded car club members. Life is never dull with a bunch of pistonheads! I like to sit quietly too and work on a water-colour painting when I'm on holiday in a lovely location, or stick my head in a book for hours, quite the opposite to my frantic day to day existence.

Favorite Authors:
Sebastian Faulkes, Malcolm Bradwell, Bill Bryson

Favorite Quotes:
You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost. — Martha Graham

Tessa Hood

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Primary Company:  Talk Fusion Global
Other Company:  Changing Gear Limited
Industry:  Management
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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I went to 10 schools! My parents moved so much that I was never at a school for longer than 3 years, generally much less, but at least I learned to make friends quickly! I've been a successful photographic model, making over 100 commercials worldwide, run my own production company in advertising photography, been an image consultant, written a book on Personal Brand and been a recognised international expert on personal brand and reputation management. I am currently working on a video technology home business and thoroughly enjoying that alongside my other businesses. I want to retire in 3 years' time and be able to be well enough set up for a comfortable restful retirement.

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My Location:  Cobham, United Kingdom

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My name is Tessa Hood, and I've been in business as a personal brand consultant and reputation management expert for 10 years. Previously I ran my own photographic production business and ran ad campaigns for ad agencies and photographers for blue chip companies all over the world. It was so stressful that I retrained as an image consultant and then developed my own theories and beliefs about 'image' and began to work with large corporates, sme's and individual entrepreneurs as a personal brand development specialist. I'm married with no kids, but a husband who is a total petrolhead, so we spend a lot of time going to vintage and veteran motor events. Huge fun!!