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spending time with family, planning reunions, traveling(not as much as i'd like), exercise, studying people

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Theresa Garland

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Hello, My name is Theresa Garland and I am a long-time registered nurse, mother and also second-mother to the various children than I baby sat during their formative years.  I am currently working part-time at a nursing and rehabilitation center. In addition to my normal job I am working on building a networking/internet marketing business, so when the time is right to retire from nursing I will have a great home business that will ensure me residual income.  It was not always rosey for me as I  began with the wrong company when I first got involved with network marketing, and this cost me years of failure and frustration.  My fortune finally turned around when I became involved with Mentoring for Free where I learned  what network marketing is all about and what you really have to do to be successful.  Now I have started over and I am having fun building the most profitable, highest-retention organization ever built in the history of network marketing easily and consistently thru education and teamwork.  This can also happen to you once you join me at Mentoring for Free.  I look forward to helping you any way that I can.

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My Location:  Oxford, Georgia
United States

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Kent La wrote
Nice to meet you Theresa! Thank you for connecting with me as a friend. I recently joined Betternetworker and I'm glad that to know there are hospitable people in this community. Have a great day! Kent
Hi Theresa, Thank you for the friend request. It came through so quick within minutes of me signing up for the ABN. I'm curious how did you find me so quick? Is there a new member announcement section? Appreciation from the Heart, Richard De Haven
Hi Theresa, I like what I've read on your site. I'd love to speak with you on the phone. Please give me a time and day to call. Vince Maynad
Hi Theresa I appreciate your friend request and I really look forward to networking with you as I am willing to learn as much as I can in the mlm industry. Talk with you soon and hope we never become disconnected.
Hi Theresa. I'm glad to have to opportunity to know you. I'm a mom as well, and a "newbie" in marketing, but, I have already been exposed to so many wonderful people that have shown me what it's REALLY all about. I wish I could have experienced this years ago. Let's stay connected.
Hello Theresa, thanks for the friends request.
Hello Theresa, Great to connect with you. Thank you for the invite. I look forward to learning more about you and what you do.
Dave Bell wrote
Hello Theresa, Thank you for the connection. First, I want to apologize because you wrote on my guessbook back on 09/09/2010 & I haven't responded yet. I have been so busy the last several days (to much to do, & not enough time to do them). I want to respond to your comments: It is great that you had the opportunity to visit here in Southern California our beach areas. Hope you enjoyed yourself. No, to your question about Roy Rogers, I didn't get the chance to met him before he past on. I like Roy Rogers too. I did visit Roy Rogers Museum before they moved it to Missouri. Yes, I will pass your link on people that may need the help. Have a great day. May God bless you with much success. Dave Bell
Hi Theresa: Good to connect with you. Yes, being an RN has it's rewards but there will come a time to slow down and smell the roses which is what I'm working on also. Talk to ya later. Brenda Anderman
Thanks for linking. Dr. H
Hello Theresa, thanks for the friends request on Better Networker. It’s a great website to meet like minded people who want to become successful. Feel free to give me a call if you just want to chat or there is anything I can help you with. (414) 708-4166 Looking forward to chatting with you. Thanks again, John
David Lok wrote
Hi Theresa! Thanks for connecting with me. Over the weekend, I had some downtime and write a song on network marketing with the Blame It melody. (To be honest, I wrote the song a while back and made the video yesterday without knowing that today is the most depressing day of the year, haha) Many marketers find all kinds of reasons why they’re failing in their business. This is my message to them… P.S. Pardon my raspy voice. I know I’m a terrible singer.
Comment by TheresaGarland
Very cute, David, although I am not a "rap" fan. :)
Hi Theresa, appreciate you connecting with me. We have a few things in common on first glance & am sure there are many more. Looking forward to staying in touch & best of luck going forward.
Hi Theresa! I'm glad you found what you were looking for. It's pretty incredible when we finally find our niche and begin to experience the success we knew was just around the corner. All the Best, Susanna
Hello Theresa, Thankyou for inviting me to your network! I like your comment 'it doesnt have to be perfect you just gotta do it! cant beat it just do it!
Dee Yates wrote
Hi Theresa! Glad to be connected with you. My daughter is an RN and me and my mother are in natural health field. I look forward to sharing experiences with you. Dee
Comment by TheresaGarland
Thanks, Dee. Same here. I'm happy to see more people are jumping on the natural health "band wagon" .
Hi Theresa, Nice to connect to you. Randy.
My admiration goes out to you great people in the health care business! You are so necessary to our well being, thanks!! Wonder if raising 6 happy, productive children and watching their children mature qualifies as a "wanna be" health care giver? Certainly feels like it to me. So nice to meet all of you!
Comment by TheresaGarland
Thank you Jo Anne, every mother is a healthcare provider, no exception
hello Theresa- I don't recognize your name, but I appreciate the contact. Wendy Reis
Hi Theresa, Thanks for the connection! I'm also learning and growing. I'm in the alternative healthcare field - currently laid off but looking forward to new opportunities! This has been a great time for me to learn and read and practiced and absorb everything I can get my hands on about network marketing. What a blast! I'm looking forward to staying connected!