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Hello, I am Tim Salivan, I live in the big apple and I work for Zenni Optical as an optometrist.
People often ask me, "hey Tim can I order prescription glasses online or do I always have to go out from store to store to find a frame of my likes?". Well, today many people in the US wonder whether it is possible to buy prescription glasses online. The answer to this question is yes and it is very possible for them to do so. They are many websites that deal and specialize in eye glasses. These websites help to save you time because one does not have to run to the optician. In addition, you get to save money because many websites have a wide range of glass styles, which are sold at a reasonable price. Prescription glasses are sold online equivalent to those available at the optician’s storefront. These prescription sites offer a high quality stock, wide variety of choices to choose from and fair prices to their customers. They also give favorable shopping advices and guidance to their clients as well as guarantee for high return policies.
But what are the requirements?
There are several tips on how to order prescription glasses online. These tips help you avoid confusions since there are so many types of glasses, which are designed for various purposes. These tips assist those who order the glasses online for the first time.
You will first be asked to have a recent prescription from an optometrist. The other requirement that you should have, is a clear doctor examination of your pupillary distance and this measurement is gauged in millimeters.
It is important if you don't have your own pair of glasses to try on various types of pairs while in your local optical shop. This will help you choose the style, size, shape and the name of glass you wants to buy. This also enables the patient to look for measurement specifications of the glasses online.
You can also measure in millimeters the bridge width and the distance of the frame using a ruler and record the measurements down. After doing this, you are supposed to use your prescription information printed by the doctor, together with this information to place your order online. Afterwards, you should set some time for the information to be perused and all the details about your glasses specifications to be analyzed.
How much does this process cost and how to find zenni optical coupons? It is very important to consider some factors such as the cost of glasses that match your measurement specs, as it helps you order the correct figure. While putting in your order using your prescription information, you should check the number you type in several times. This helps you to type the correct details regarding the measurements as you look for the zenni optical coupon codes. One can share the code with other members of the family and friends which help them save money and time since they don’t have to do those long online researches to find their perfect glass. For offers and bargains check
Lastly, after you have placed your order online, you have to wait for a while, just as you would have waited for some few weeks if you had ordered your eye glasses through a doctor’s office. Conclusively, ordering prescription glasses

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My Location:  New York, New York
United States

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