I am interested in people and that is why I love network marketing. I can meet all sorts of different and wonderful people on a daily basis. I also love animals. I have 2 golden retrievers (Male is Called Tyler(5 years old)and the female is called Piper (3 years old). Then we have Corvettes. Am I ever fond of Corvettes. I have a 2002 magnetic red convertible. I also belong a non-club Corvette group called Corvettes INC (Independent Non Club). I am also a sports fan with college basketball and NFL football leading the way.

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Tom Boyuka

Tom Boyuka
Primary Company:  Lyoness
Other Company:  Viral Prospector System
Industry:  Other
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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I am a full time Network Marketer and I love everything about this fantastic industry. This is the only industry where you actually get paid for what you actually do. There is no tenure, special deals for family members or any other type of political favoritism. If you do the work then you get paid. It is as simple as that. I believe in the 4 year plan for success as opposed to the 40 year plan where you work and slave making money for someone else and then you can retire dead or dead broke. How does the 4 year plan work? This is what you must do. Align yourself with a top network marketing company and learn what you must do for success. There is training that you will need to master the details of success in network marketing and yes you will make mistakes...but so what?..You fell down many times when you were learning how to walk and you got up and continued until you were successful....this is no must stick it out and keep at it. My advice would be to align yourself with a team so you can 'mastermind' together and you will all benefit greatly. This is definitely the case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
I struggled early on since I didn't quite realize that NetWORK marketing was just that. It is not called NetDONOTHING marketing or NetFREE marketing. You must do the work and you will earn the rewards.
I would be happy to discuss this with you and help you become successful in this fantastic industry of Network Marketing.

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My Location:  Binghamton, New York
United States

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You are beyond my economic reach. Thanks any way, I'm always pleasantly surprised by your commentary. best wishes. Michael Rt
hi tom and thanks for adding me as your friend and i hope to talk in the near future have a great weekend jim lind
So great to connect with you here! I look forward to your posts and would love for you to give me feedback on mine! Make it a great day!
Hi Tom, thanks for your friend request, I am just getting started here, and hope to have more info on my site as soon as possible. I could really relate to your sentence in your 'about me' section money no leads etc. lol! I look forward to connecting with like-minded people :)
Hey Tom, Thanks for the request, I appreciate that. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Just Want to stop by and say Thanks for connecting and look forward to networking with you in the future!-
john ford wrote
Hello tom hope you had a nice Thanksgiving thanks for the invite hope to learn a few things different, than what I learned in the past.New day New beginning
Hi Tom, thank you for adding me to your circle of friends! It is very nice to meet you. I see you love Golden Retrievers. We had one in the 90ies. Her name was Cornflakes and gosh, was she a sweetheart. We have a boxer named George now and he's absolutely adorable too :) Dogs are such great companions. That unconditional love just gets me sometimes. Why can't people be like that?
Hi Tom, thanks for reaching out to me in the beginning...I'm just starting to get the hang of being part of this community...and thank you so much for bringing to the table all of your experience!
I am Jason Jahr, Represenative of Tampogo. I am Tom's newest client. I have been reading Mike Dlouhy's book on network marketing and have learned a lot of information. If I can assist any of you in forming your own business, please contact me or visit my wedbsite at Au revoir.
Thanks, Tom, for coming by. Network marketing is my newest search in the world of business. I'm semi-retired but enjoy the challenge of building a new opportunity for young adults and Sr. Citizens that I find struggling in today's economy. Pre-launch projects have some unique challenges but sometimes it's a homerun, at least that's what I'm hoping for our newest venture. Maybe you can take a look and let me have your insight and wisdom. I'll leave you my link here:
Hey Tom, Thanks for being a friend in this great community. I am glad to communicate with such intelligent people on a well put together site. Please feel free to write me any time you'd like to share wisdom, or ask for advice. Always Trying My Best, Albert
Hey Friend, Still in Whisper Phase for 2 more days. See what 2 Billionaires are doing Now! Go To NOW! The founder of LocalAdLink and another Billion Dollar Company owner are opening the largest online Super Mall Ever. Still in Whisper Phase get in now! Be in the TOP 100's NOW Soon when it's officially released You'll thank me. 100,000 store fronts projected to be loaded in the first 90 days! In this SINGLE LINE FORCED MATRIX everyone who gets positioned early will have the whole team in their downline! ---and--- it's just a $30 decision to save your spot! AND HAVE A SHOT TO WIN A FREE $50,000.00 MERCEDES!!! By invitation only your invitation number is 823054799 Thanks, Michael Ricca
Hi Tom, I am Glad to be your friend.
Hello Thanks for the invite, & Iook forward to networking with you. Have a great day.
Hi Tom,I think you must be very successful. Nice to meet you.
Hey Tom, thanks for the connections
Hello Tom, Thank you for the warm welcome. I was just like that not really knowing how to develope leads and which way to go. Spent a lot of money doing the wrong stuff. I joined Mentoring For Free and it has definitely helped me. I know I need to be here just meeting and greeting new friends and bonding with like minded individuals. "Hers's To all our success". It is enough room for all those who are looking to reach the top. I hope to learn how to start a blog. I want to educate people with the information I have which is definitely needed. You can check out my website links if you like.... before the blog if you like.
Hi Tom, Thank you for your friendship, and I look forward to getting to know you. I enjoyed looking at your blog, and it was enjoyable scrolling through it! I look forward to reading your posts. Most sincerely, Doris
Hey Tom, Thanks for adding me. I'm kind of new to the whole better-networker scene, I look forward to learning more about you. Have a good one, Matt