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Tracy Austin

Founding Partner
Primary Company:  KB Gold
Company 2:  BigValueDepot, Inc.
Industry:  Affiliate Marketing
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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Hello, Tracy Austin here. A little bit about me - I used to cook and bake for a living, then I had my first child and couldn’t imagine leaving her to be raised by other people, just for money, (yet the need for it didn't go away, lol!)

So I became a stay at home mom, and have been working online for the past few years.

It was hit or miss for awhile, lots of confusion from being interrutpted uncountable times while in the middle of figuring this or that out. 

Part of the challenge for a stay-at-home mom is the reason we want to stay at home is to be there for our kids. Yet kids are as (more?) demanding as jobs! They need lots of attention, love, reading to, listening to, help with everything. Oh, and food, lol! This all takes time...

And I was finding that before I knew it, my day was over, I was exhausted, and so progress with my home business was slow.

I knew what I wanted to do, but the flow of my days lacked a structure that I need to "get things done" as they say.

So I began looking for a system.

Now that I have one, I have what I need as a busy mom to build multiple streams of income, including a thriving home business with an MLM component.

I love that I don’t have to blaze this trail myself, since lots of people are already doing it. My intention is to build my business entirely online, never needing to approach anyone I know personally about joining my business.

I now have a system to make that a reality:-)

If I've learned anything over the years, it's that it's a collosal waste of time pitching to people who are not looking for your "thing." There are hundreds of thousands of people online who are looking, so this is absolutely doable, with the right knowledge and approach.

Subtle hint: build traffic first.

I’m happy to be here to share what I know, and to learn from those who have gone before me. Looking forward...

Stay shiny,


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Hi Tracy, Thanks for the Friend Request. I look forward to seeing how we can help each other. Dianne