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Blogging, Website Design, Video Marketing, Social Media, MLM, Branding Myself

Golf, Cycling, Staying Fit, Mind exploration

Favorite Authors:
Hunter S Thompson, Terence Mckenna

Favorite Quotes:
"In order to get everything you want, you must first help others get what they want." "No one cares what you have to say, until you say that you care." "We are all made of stars"

Nathaniel Johnson

Bringing a breath of fresh air to making money online.
Company:  Me Inc.
Industry:  Web Design
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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The names Nathaniel, don't forget it. I'm all about building my online presence and I am a sponge when it comes to knowledge. My online interests include Social Media, video marketing, designing sites with Wordpress ( not, affiliate marketing, MLM, direct sales, and most importantly marketing

My hobbies include bicycling, staying fit, playing golf, helping others and learning about the web. I love meeting new people and I am a very open minded person. If you friend requested me, I have my acceptance on "auto-accept" so I might not see that you've become my contact. Be sure to leave a comment and say hello!

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My Location:  El Cajon, California
United States

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 I love meeting new people. I am a social networking enthusiast and a lover of innovation. Being online has taught me many things but most importantly it has taught me the importance of your mindset in determining your success in this sink or swim world of making money online.

Oops I just read the rules of the site and it says I am not permeated to post bussiness related links, so ignore my last message...
Hi, I am not a guru and I am not making promises or going to play any games but I joined a new mlm opportunity recently that I think you would find very interesting, please cheek this link and you decide..  Best wishes
Hi Nathaniel, thanks for connecting. I clicked on the link to your website, but it's not working. Here's to your success.
Hey Nathaniel. Thanks for the connection. Just letting you know that I'm inviting all of my connections to join my group called, 'Network Marketing For Beginners'. It's a place for veterans to share their mistakes and blunders when they were starting out with those who are just beginning with their business. Hope you are doing well. Take care. - Trevor Mason
Hello!!! You sure brings a breath of fresh air:-) Being that I am new here I would love any advice you have on how to really make a difference for people in the community... Mia
hi tks for being my friend lol. If you like mlm you are going to love this.You hear all over the tv and radio buy gold and silver. Description start a new hobby collecting gold and silver bullion coins.. make money by helping other people do the some thing collect (money) and start a new hobby.The hobby of the kings. new company never been done before ground floor opportunity. check out the web site there is a video there that will answer all your ?s dont miss your chance to be part of some thing revolutionary . save yourself you friends and family. by saving something that has actual value. that is a true asset. also check out youtube videos about gold and silver. do the research for yourself and i am sure you will be excited as i am about this. its not get rich quick but if you are willing to work at it. your upline will be here to support you. we want you to succeed and make lots of money with us . think if you got in with amway maryk avon at the very beginning. they are all mlms. normally in the top 5 of successful mim company's . but look maryk and avon are almost the some company.numis as no compaction therefor no company to compete with. think about it this will be huge. They want to be the largest distributor of numismatics bullion coins in the world. It is a 100 billion dollar industry world wide all ready
Hey Nate, Nice to meet you! I really liked your video "Why Did You Come Online?" and agreed with your main point about a person's "EFFORT" in the whole equation, regardless of what drove him/her online.
Hi Nathaniel. Great profile you've got hear and I'm happy to see your such an active networker. Looking forward to see you around and share ideas and experiences.
Hey Nathaniel, I see you like bicycling. I am in Austin TX. What kind of cycling are you into? BMX, Mountain Road or all the above. Thanks for the connection
Hey man! Wow... you are a smart dude.. and good person to know... thanks for having me as a friend.. and I look forward to hearing more of what you have learned! -Neil
Hey Nathaniel, just stopping by to say 'hi'. Great blog and really cool Twitter profile pic, one of it's kind.
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Thanks for your response to my post. Everyone is going to have their opinions on everything we write good or bad but just know that everything I wrote is a lot deeper than the one line sentence an there is a lot more to it. Everything has a huge explanation and there's a reason behind everything I wrote. Thank you for your reply and definitely keep in touch because I love to meet and build friendships with like minded and driven people.Finding other like minded people like us is what I live for when it comes to life and business and making serious money.
Nate I visited your website and it's good and informative. What a catchy name too, create-with-nate... I thought it was great. Surely you must be creating your own "monsterous beast", as Malika put it, when it comes to lead generation. You're bright and fun, and I appreciate your help on the formums recently.
Hey Nate, great info on your site, thanks for sharing, especially twitter, I've been learning as much as I can. Looking forward to some more, Have a great day! Tom
Hey there Nathanial. Fascinating page. Check out when you get a chance. Great resource!! RV
Hi Nate, Thanks for your message on my guestbook. Things are going great for me. I've been focusing more on my writing career lately rather than marketing (I tend to go back and forth). I'm working on a sci-fi/fantasy novel called, Shadow Stalker. Got a sample chapter up if you want to have a look: Things are going really good, though. I expect to be releasing the book later this year... just in time for Christmas... then my real challenge starts. I need to get George Lucas to read it and convince him that it's a really good idea to produce the movie. LOL How have you been doing? Renee
Did you miss me Nate? I've been busy walking the walk, Increasing my balleriffic status and guiding a crew with me ;-). Don't get to come out and play much when your building a new monstrous beast of a lead generation campaign... much less 3 at the same time... then I'm doing it live starting tomorrow. I just found you on twitter, I'm on there more often and I post the stuff I'd primarily post here to my new site: Holla back, Malika
I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I came across your page and wanted to introduce myself. I hope all is well and I hope I see you around the forums. Angel
Wow! Talk about enthusiasm :)