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Entrepreneurship, Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing, Internet Network Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Home-Based Business Building, Generating Residual Income, Blogging, Vlogging . . . Expository Preaching, Teaching, Creativity, Acting, Auditioning, Commercials, Cartooning, Drawing, Painting, Singing (1st Tenor), Reading, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook... (not necessarily in that order!) Reading, Family, Dogs, Writing, Acting, Art, Photography, Photoshop, Music, Singing, Motivational Speaking, Goal Setting, Goal Reaching!

I teach entrepreneurs how to build their businesses using the power of the greatest invention know to mankind: the internet. I teach marketing to all types of entrepreneurs, yet my specialty is network marketing. In my opinion, the greatest people you'll ever want to meet are network marketers. Generally speaking, who are a down-to-earth, friendly, creative, fun group of people who have learned the craft of how to be your own boss. Unfortunately, over 95% of network marketers all deal with the same problems: (1) lack of leads; (2) limited resources for marketing; (3) the inability to direct prospects to their primary business opportunity in an automated, seamless fashion; and (4) the inability to retain their downline over a period of time. I teach solutions to these very common problems. My solutions are tested, proven strategies that will, in a very short amount of time, attract the desired results all network marketers seek. The people who have taught ME (in no particular order) are Daegan Smith, Mike Dillard, The MLSP Guys (Brian, Norbert, and Todd), Cedrick Harris, Casey Eberhardt, Todd Falcone, Ann Sieg, Mark Hoverson, Jeffrey Combs, Erica Combs, and Tim Sales. On my website, I give a free training where you will learn how to grow your business exponentially! http://www.MLMProvenSolutions.com (What's the difference between "Activities" and "Interests"?)

Favorite Authors:
John Maxwell, and Seth Godin.

Favorite Quotes:
"Life may sometimes be difficult, but it isn't impossible." Vincent Conard

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Vincent Conard

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My Location:  Long Beach, California
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