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I love to travel and meet people from around the world. It's also fun to build my Internet Business. Learning new things and putting them into action.

Travel, Share Internet Marketing Techniques, Visiting with friends and family, cooking, movies

Favorite Authors:
Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, Dick Francis, Jim Rohn

Favorite Quotes:
Age does not matter, unless you are a cheese

Gisela (Gila) Beckermann

Internet Marketer, Social Media Consultant
Primary Company:  Global Travel International
Company 2:  Global Virtual Opportunities
Company 3:  GVO Hosting
Other Company:  Mobe/MTTB
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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I got into Network Marketing a couple of years ago. Before that I worked for 36 years in the corporate world in Sales Management, International Logistics. I retired from it and I am really enjoying network marketing and making new friends from around the world

Its really fun to meet so many new people and building my own online business. It's much different than the corporate world, yet it is so much more rewarding to be around people that want to better their life and their financial situations. I recommend  it to everyone who likes people, because this is certainly a "People Business". I have so much more to learn and every day brings new information.

I look forward to meeting you.

Gila Beckermann

Skype: Gilaworld




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My Location:  San Francisco, California
United States

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I am an Internet Marketer, Social Media Consultant and Web Designer. Born and raised in Germany, I have been living in the USA for three decades now. I love to travel and meet people from around the world

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Hi Gisela, Gosh you remind me of someone I used to know... Anyways... It's great to have you here at BN. You seem like a fun-loving people person - no wonder network marketing fell into your lap a couple years ago. It looks like you're on your way to a successful journey in network marketing! Many blessings, Corrisa
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