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Napoleon Hill

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Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

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Wendell Breedlove

Primary Company:  SISEL International, LLC
Company 2:  Scentsy, Inc.
Other Company:  Free Network Marketing Help
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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We are living a good life in Lynchburg, Va. where I share a family home with my lovely wife Wanda. We have been blessed with six wonderful children and nine beautiful grandchildren that we enjoy spoiling every chance we get.

I am a retired diesel technician of 30 years plus after a work related injury. I am a marketer and networker at heart and am in the process of building a solid secondary residual income in the network marketing industry.

I’ve found that networking marketing is VERY different today than it was in the years past when you had to make a list of your friends and family.

It’s much simpler and easier now.

I’ve found a VERY SIMPLE system that will identify only people who are interested in the impacting their life with the security of residual income. It’s now completely do-able by regular people like you and me and the start-up cost is very minimal.

Your Friend,

Wendell Breedlove
Skype; wendell.breedlove

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My Location:  Lynchburg, Virginia
United States

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Hi Wendell. Thx for the connect request...appreciate it. I trust we'll compliment each other's business interests in one way or another. See you guys around the block! Enjoy your day! - Jack
Wendall, thanx for connecting.
Hi Wendell. Thanks for inviting me to join your connection.
hello wendell, thank you for your connection. i am very new to all of this and i am ready to learn and grow in this industry look forward to networking with you. Alefa
Hi Wendell thanks for your request im happy to get to know you and share valueable info have a good one Best of Luck
Hello Wendell! Thanks for adding me as a friend,looking forward to connecting and networking with like-minded people here.May God richly bless you and your beautiful family!
Have a great week , thanks for the add :)
Hi Wendell and Wanda, it is nice meeting you both, I hope you get a chance to check out my MLM, I think you would both like it. www.JohnMeans.124online.com Hope you get a chance to check it out and if you are interested just let me know. Bye for now John!!!!!
Hi Wendell. Thank you so much for the add and nice to meet you.
Thanks for connecting with me, Wendell! This is all so new to me, so I know I'll learn tons from you. =)
Comment by mwb1959
Hi Samantha, Be glad to help at anytime. Wendell
Hi Wendell! I want to thank you very much for being the first to contact me here. I feel we will go the way together in this wild world of network marketing on line. I'm a french speaking guy from Benin, West Africa. I'm retired from the Army and would like to make money from the Internet. I'm trying to advertise Pyxism, a wonderful travel business. We will talk about your links and advertising methodes, if you want. Thank you again.Best regards. Marc.
Hi Wendell, It is wonderful to meet you, thank you for the friend request. My uncle worked as a diesel mechanic for over 30 years. He is retired now. I am looking forward to knowing you better. Warmly Angela
Hi Wendell! I just wanted to drop by and say hello to you today...it's so nice meeting you here. :) My door is always open anytime you need anything, let's keep in touch. Have a highly inspired day...your friend Steven Suchar
Hello Wendell, glad to be associated with you. Look forward to connecting. I'll be checking out your posts. They seem interesting. speak to you soon. Alex the PSLman
Hellooooooooooooo, Thank you for the Friend Request!!! Look forward to networking with you. HAVE A SUPER DAY !!! Hugs of Love, Joanna MaGrath
Thank you for connecting Wendell, I look forward to know more about you, have a great day! :-)
Hey Wendell, welcome to my network. Thanks for the friend request. Have a good day.
Heyy, Wendell, how are you? I can't wait to hear what you're up to! If you you would like to see what I've got in the works, you could refer to my website @ www.brandonbronowicz.com Hope to talk with you again soon! Until then, God Bless!! "Success Is A Process..." -Brandon Bronowicz- www.brandonbronowicz.com
Hi Wendell. Thanks for the friend invite. Looking forward to meeting many more people like you who are willing to help others in their online endeavors.
Wendell, great to connect my friend. I'm pretty new on better networker so I'll be sure to stop by and get in touch soon. All the best. Bradley