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Mindset; Nutrition

Favorite Authors:
Jim Rohn; Joe Schroeder; Robin Sharma; Wallace Wattles; Wayne Dwyer; Tony Robbins; Napolean Hill

Favorite Quotes:
" You Don't have to Get it Right - You Just have to Get it Going" - Joe Schroeder " If you Don't know you Can't - you Can"

Wes Hazlitt

Marketing and Mindset Mentor
Company:  Wes Hazlitt LLC
Industry:  Business Opportunities
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hi, I am Wes Hazlitt. I live in Winnipeg with my wife Gail (36 years) and our 2 dogs, Roxy (9 year old collie cross) and Mika (2 year old Bichon/shi-tzu cross).

I am a retired banker, a home business and local business SEO advisor and father of two young men (both now married and living in their own homes).

As a young boy of 13 months I contracted polio and that has had a lifelong affect on the choices I have made and what I believe is possible.

My career as a home-based entrepreneur began when I was 6 with a lemonade stand in the front yard. From there I graduated to the big time, regular income and daily responsibility, helping out with my brothers’ paper route.

That instilled the bug into me that I could never get rid of. Over the years I experimented with newspaper ads, magazine ads, mail-order and the affiliate stuff that you used to find in the back of comic books.

Over the years I have been a teacher, a college instructor, a water-bed salesman, a financial advisor, an accountant, a wedding store owner, a medical lab technologist, a banking manager, a telephone mutual fund advisor. I have worked at McDonald’s and even swept parking lots.

In my spare time I kept looking, searching for a better way to support my family. I subscribed to Success, Inc, and Entrepreneur magazines and developed my own entertainment business that I operated evenings and week-ends, playing records at bowling windups, weddings and social evenings( for you young-uns, before there were mp3’s there were CD’s and before that cassettes, reel to reel tapes, 45 rpm and LP records)

I schlepped hundreds of pounds of equipment (amplifiers, speakers, lights and boxes of records) to various venues, upstairs, downstairs, inside and outside. I loved to perform, to make folks smile, to see them dancing and having fun. I music selections and I thrilled with the adulation. I also liked creating this extra income and hired others to expand this stream of income. While I worked full time I remained on the hunt for more ways to generate income. There had to be a better way than what I saw my father doing. He worked so hard as an accountant and earned so little

So in March of 1978 when my eldest brother told me I had to be at this meeting and he couldn’t tell me what it was, I went because I was open-minded and looking for opportunity. I was not aware at the time that I was about to attend my very first of a long line of opportunity meetings and MLM’s.
This was an AMWAY meeting. I had never heard of AMWAY ( I soon learned that almost everyone else I knew had heard of it and had an opinion of it that they could not wait to share with me) and what I saw (circles) changed my outlook on what was possible.

This put me on a journey through numerous companies, products and opportunities over the next 30 years, always thinking that if I could just find the right product, with the right timing and the right management, just going into momentum I could ride the wave to success. Sound familiar?

Well in 2008, as post-polio syndrome was making it ever more difficult to manage my pain and do my job as a manager in a national bank contact center. With retirement age looming I knew that I needed to really focus and find something I could do from home. Something that would allow me to work on days when the pain was manageable and the fatigue was under control

I decided that the answer must be online, so online I went and found opportunity after opportunity, People barely old enough to dress themselves, making thousands of dollars and others in new and mature MLM’s were using the internet to create down-lines in the thousands, never going to a home party or hotel meeting.


I bought leads by the thousands “HOT and FRESH” (even called some of them- apparently others were working the same leads?), email blasters, safe-list blasters, co-op ads, magnetic marketing systems and automated callers (these things can burn through hundreds of purchased leads in under an hour).
I bought private training and group coaching on calling leads (had to be my approach, right?)

And then the reality...

Guru after Guru, promised to deliver the system that would change everything.
They fleeced me and I soon discovered they were fleecing others with their false promises and “Get Rich Quick with NO effort, Just Use my System... Crap!

That made me angry because I still believed that there had to be an ethical way to provide value and trade dollars online without people getting hurt. So I kept looking and that brought me to a group of people that shared my ideals and wanted to clean up the internet and make it a safer place for people to do business

Today, I have numerous blogs, social media accounts, hundreds of videos streaming in all corners of the internet, a dozen capture pages and a local SEO business, helping small business owners attract new clientele using the internet.

My secret? I didn’t give up. I refused to quit. I buried the words, “I can’t”. I started from where I was without the fancy websites and systems. I just got going with what I knew today and trusted that the knowledge and people I needed would come to me as I grew

Today you will find me hanging out at the Home and Small Business Network, The Million Mind March and the Association of Better Networkers, each excellent generic training incubators.

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