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Some of my interests are traveling, cooking, watching sports, and working my business.

Activities that I enjoy are spending time with my grandchildren, cooking out, and attending events.

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Williams Taylor

Primary Company:  MCA Motor Club of America
Other Company:  Paycation Travel & Legal Shield
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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My name is Williams Taylor and I reside in the state of Georgia. I was born and raised in Southeast Missouri. I enlisted in the U.S. Army after graduating from high school in 1982. After serving 12 years and tours in the Persian Gulf War, Somalia, Haiti, Germany twice I decided to end my military service in 1994.

After my military service I began a career as a supervisor in the food manufacturing industry. I have held several management positions during my career. I am presently a manager for a Japanese fiber cement company. In 2006 I joined my first network marketing company and am still active in the company. I decided that I no longer wanted to work for someone else. Although it has been an extremely slow process I have not given up and I will never give up on acquiring total FREEDOM from a JOB.

My number one goal is to retire from my JOB this year!

Williams blogged about: Why I Believe In Intenet/Network Marketing 3 years ago
Williams wrote a company post: Website Inquiry 3 years ago
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My Location:  United States

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