How to Get Influential People to Send You Referrals For Your Business Opportunity

Some of the best referrals you'll ever receive are those that come from influential people.

What is an influential person?

They are people that are very well known and have great reputations.

You probably know a few yourself.

-> The Mayor of your city

-> Your local church pastor

-> Your dentist or your doctor

-> The President of the Chamber of Commerce

-> The leader of your networking group

These are all people who are well known in the community and probably well thought of and have the ability to send you a lot of high quality referrals.

So the question is - - how do you get them to send you referrals?


The Three Main Criteria Are...


In order for anyone to send you high quality referrals you first need to meet the three criteria...

1. They need to know who you are

2. They need to know what you do

3. They need to like you

So that means that you need to meet these people and let them know what you do and start a relationship of appreciate and trust with them.

The fastest and easiest way to accomplish this is to simply...

STEP 1. Drop in on each person and introduce yourself.


Don't try to call them up and set up an appointment because it will turn something that is meant to be fast and simple into something that is drawn out and complex.


STEP 2. When you meet them, let them know what you do.

Ask them what you can do to help them.


You might even ask them who would be a good prospect for THEIR business and that you'd like to refer them to the people that your run across.


STEP 3. Put them on a stay-in-touch program.


Developing relationships is all about "communicating."

The more meaningful communication you have with someone, the better relationship you're going to have with them.

One of the best ways to stay in touch with people is to send them cards every month.


The One BIG PROBLEM with Stay-In-Touch Systems ____________________________________________________


The only problem with implementing a stay-in-touch system is that it can be a GREAT BIG HASSLE.

Trying to keep all your mailings organized and on time can be a nightmare.

That's why I use

This system completely automates my stay-in-touch system.

All I have to do is enter a name into the system and attached them to my stay-in-touch campaign and then push a button...and it's done.

Basically, you just "set it and forget it."

If you want to see how works, just go to the website below and you'll get to see a brief demo of how it works.

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Don't Send Boring Cards!


But don't just send boring, everyday cards...send them cards that will get their attention and that they'll remember.

Here's a few sample cards that will get their attention and force them to remember YOU.



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These are fun cards that will delight the influential people that you are sending them to and will get them to remember you.

Remember, when influential people...

1. Know who you are

2. Know what you do

3. and like you... will start getting all the referrals you can handle.


Ryan Blaire

P.S. If you'd like to know what it costs to sign up with Send Out Cards you can watch the video below and it will give all the details.

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