4-Step Blueprint for Building a Multi-Six and Seven Figure Business

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In this month’s premium interview for the “ABN Vault,” Better Networker Instructors Raymond Fong and Fernando Ceballos discuss hard-learned principles of finding quality business partners,  strategic outsourcing, “knowing what you don’t know,” and locating your unique skill set to build a successful home based business.

Ray and Ferny weren’t always the industry leaders you know them as today. They started off as Better Networker users just like you! Through hard work, perseverance, and following the principles outlined in this interview, they were able to make a name for themselves and build a highly profitable business. Looking back on all they’ve accomplished, Ray and Ferny have selected the juiciest tidbits of wisdom to pass on to their fellow networkers.

In these 50 minutes of valuable training – only available to ABN members like you – you’ll discover:

  • How to gain the basic online and offline skills you need to get your business off the ground.
  • Why knowledge and action are the most important first steps in building a successful home business.
  • What you can do to avoid “paralysis by analysis,” or allowing over-thinking to prevent you from getting started.
  • The importance of discovering your “Stupid Human Trick” and identifying the activities that will allow you to make the most money.
  • Why it’s essential to know and be humble about the areas you excel in and those you need help with.
  • How to choose business partners that complement your strengths and cover your weaknesses.
  • Why most businesses will not succeed without partners and/or downline leaders.
  • The crucial difference between business partners and employees and what you need to know to make sure your partners will enable your business to grow to its full potential.
  • How to keep your focus on money-making activities while still taking care of the other tasks your business needs to keep running.
  • Helpful resources you can utilize to set up your website and build your online presence.

What’s more, Ray and Ferny provide exclusive details about NEII, a special training event that gives networkers like you the opportunity to learn all of the skills they discuss in their training interview in just one weekend!

Click here to learn more about No Excuses II.

You must be a member of the Association of Better Networkers (ABN) to access this interview (and many others) in the ABN Training Vault. You can learn more about the ABN by clicking here.

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