The Single Greatest Opportunity in the History of Email Marketing

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Want to "get inside the head" of BetterNetworker Instructor Daegan Smith?

Well that's exactly what BN's own Andrew Draughon got the chance to do recently... And I've got it all on tape for you to listen to!

In this exclusive hour-long training video, you'll discover...

  • The "slight edge" principle Daegan uses to stay focused each and every day, and how it can help you hit your goals no matter what
  • The biggest upcoming trend in network and Internet marketing he sees on the horizon, and what you need to be doing right now in order to prepare for it
  • The story of the online marketer who actually STOLE from Daegan!
  • His "harsh" advice on how to achieve success faster, and the biggest problem he sees in the people who come to him for coaching
  • The only 4 "bare bones" things you need to make it in this industry... Period!
  • What your USP REALLY is, and the first step you need to take in order to create it
  • How to easily create an irresistible offer, even if you're a "newbie"
  • The one "failure" you absolutely must experience is you want to become a truly successful entrepreneur (all the top earners go through it!)

And much, much more!

Click the "play" button above to listen to the interview now! (Be patient, it may take a few seconds to load.)

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