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If you’d like to tap into an endless supply of free leads on the Internet, connect with perfect prospects, make sales every time you log on and have so much fun doing it….that it’s almost addicting…. you need to know Max Steingart. For nearly two decades, Max Steingart has dedicated his life to discovering the most advanced methods of harnessing the power of social media for every type of business.Today there are tens of thousands of social media experts promoting their own brand of ‘how to’s’ and ‘systems’. Most of them received their basic training going through one or more of Max’s social media training’s that he created over the past nineteen years. Social Networks Max’s social media training’s have been the “Secret Weapon” of top income earners in over 200 network marketing companies over the years. He has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs to million dollar incomes in their chosen busineses. In this Part 2 of 2, Max takes you through the steps on how to generate endless leads. Listen Now!

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