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Sheri Sharman is a very energetic and inspiring business and life coach that strongly believes in teaching personal development and how to build self-confidence, self-esteem, health and wealth. This website will help you better understand Sheri Sharman, her rise to success, her passion towards contribution and how she has made it her mission in life to help others turn their Dreams Into Reality. If you are looking to make a change in your life and need a little hope and motivation, just listen to Sheri’s inspiring Rags to Riches interview now!

Sheri started out in the workplace as a Montessori Pre-School Teacher’s Assistant making just $6.50 per hour. She quickly learned that she loved working with children and loved teaching. But, with only a high school education, Sheri wasn’t able to advance her career at the preschool. Newly single, raising a four year old son by herself, struggling financially and desperately trying to put food on the table, Sheri decided she needed to ‘create’ a better life for herself and her son.

The Law of Attraction went to work and it was just about then that she was contacted by a friend about a unique home based business opportunity in the world of network marketing. Sheri had no business experience and no training but she dove right into this new opportunity. She had an honest desire to help others and a real knack for building a team. Since Sheri’s passion was teaching, she took the core teaching strategies from her preschool experience and turned them into a simple coaching program. Using this simple program, Sheri started teaching others to duplicate her steps to success. Her coaching program works for the average newcomer to the home-based business industry as well as the seasoned entrepreneur. Sheri has been building a high-producing international sales team since 1987. Her teaching and coaching success involves being devoted to helping others, believing in them and inspiring them.

Sheri has been a top income earner (making between 6 and 7 figures yearly) in every company she has participated in. She has also been the cover story of several magazines and profiled in books including:
- California Women Magazine – named her “Entrepreneur of the Month”
- Living Better Magazine – highlighted Sheri’s Rags to Riches Story
- Heart to Heart, The Real Power of Network Marketing – by Scott DeGarmo & Louis Tartaglia, M.D.
- Dream Big, A Woman’s Book of Network Marketing – by Cynthia Copier
- The Fountain of Youth – by Ron Piscatelli

Books co-authored by Sheri include The One Big Team Story, Winning With Teamwork – forward by Gerry Robert world-renowned author of the book The Millionaire Mindset. Sheri is currently working on “Half Time Celebration” a book on The Secret to Loving and Celebrating Every Quarter of Your Life.

Listen to her inspiring interview now!

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