I discovered internet marketing when I was making money online by playing poker and sports gambling. And I decided to switch my major because playing poker takes too long, and sport gambling is too risky.

At the young age of 21, I started my first network marketing business.

But it was full of frustrations, because I didn't know a damn thing about using the internet to generate leads, plus my English is broke as hell. So I picked up magnetic sponsoring and started studying internet marketing, especially in the SEO field(where english skill doesn't matter).

Then, here I am, people send me emails asking me about seo, people ask me for help in lead generation.

Here's what I can offer to you:

If you need help ranking your own name on the front page of google, ask me.

If you need help generating more leads, ask me.

If you need help with making money online, ask me.

If you have questions about SEO, ask me.

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