I grew up in the Chicago area. My parents were from Colorado so we traveled their often to visit family. Because of that I got around and saw that not every where was flat and I fell in love with mountains at an early age. After attending Jr college in the Chicago area I moved to the Portland Oregon area. There I met and married and we raised three terrific kids. I got into engineering design which has been good to me but I wanted something more. I always thought network marketing was were I could really do well but before I discovered how to use the internet to this means I was never found a way to make it work well. I believe I finally found a mlm that has the potential to take me where I want to go that is financial freedom to do the things I want to do. Not just selfish things but I want to be involved in world missions some day and I see this as a vehicle that will facilitate not just that but other endeavors as well. My kids are flying the nest so now is the time for me do pursue my dreams. I want financial independence not only to pursue my dreams but help my kids with college and help others. There is diabetes in my family so being and living healthy is important to me. Growing up I watched my dad grow obese and develop diabetes and ultimately having to retire early and live from dialysis appointment to dialysis appointment and suffer and die. What a low quality of life and horrible way to spend your last years. I am determined to be healthy and be able to enjoy my retirement years do the things I love like spending time with my family and friends and traveling. My blog is dedicated to helping people get healthy and stay healthy.