I have a background in Hotel and Restaurant management. I have also worked on a helpdesk supporting corporate PC users. After I got laid off I became Mr Mom full time for our three kids. I am enjoying it, but have a need to fulfill my own professional path. As the kids are now in school for a longer period of time I have more time to devote to a true work from home business.

Over the years, I have joined and passed on my share of MLM companies. I have only known the "other side of MLM" till I found Mike's Magnetic Sponsoring.  Everything I've read in MS makes more sense than traditional methods. (I just don't have that many family and friends yet!)

In addition, I have also read more in the last several months than I have read in the last ten years. I am absorbing as much information as possible and working to become a leader in this field of Network Marketing.

My first blog: http://www.greenonabudget.net is my first attempt at writing. It touches the Green subject of today. 
From there I started another blog: http://www.savefuelusa.blogspot.com which starts to incorporate my MLM.
http://learn2market.blogspot.com/ is my marketing network.

I am learning to express myself in words on the blogs and learning the process of making money in blogging.

Thanks to the experts out there. I will learn what I need to succeed.