My pleasure to "Connect" with you. Perhaps our missions overlap?

I envision the time when the number one challenge any person in building a business in this industry will be permanently eliminated!

What's the number one challenge?

It's the reputation of the Multilevel Marketing industry.

How many times have you mentioned 'MLM' and seen people immediately start backing away with their index fingers making the sign of the cross in front of them? How many time have you recruited a new excited prospect who immediately gets drowned in an ocean of negativity that floods in from their friends or family?

The reputation has to change. And I think it is changing, albeit, slowly.
Reputations are earned. Bad reputations have to be UN-earned.

So that, as John Fogg says, is our "purpose, passion, and pleasure."

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My rather shocking, definitely controversial, but brutally honest book/course is MLM the Whole Truth.
It does have top reviews from top authors and industry leaders, though many other leaders would encourage you to NOT read it.

More about me?

I love and have worked in network marketing as my largest source of income since late 1996.

I built a medium-sized business ($100,000+ volume per month) in one well-known, but mostly defunct MLM.

I currently am recognized as a top 1% producer in a major network marketing company.

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If I can help you in anyway. Feel free to contact me.



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