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For years, I looked for an online business that i could start and work from home. I spent thousands of dollars on start up costs and I was always struck with a couple of dilemmas, which almost all these businesses required. One, I was bad at telemarketing , Two, I did not like door to door selling, and Three, I hated cold calling.



A while back, I was looking on the Internet for the next big product, while I was about bored to tears with homework for College Algebra (I attended the University of Illinois Edwardsville). I remembered watching CNN and the subject was on Twitter "The newest and revolutionary social media website", they said. I went to the site and signed up and I began adding people. At the same time, I was nosing around reading what people were talking about.


I came across Matthew Layman and added him, we began to talk. Our converstion had nothing serious about it, as a matter of fact we were talking about his dog. I added Mike Dillard co-incidentally and he posted a message thanking his distributors for allowing him opportunity pay them $100,000 plus. I made a skeptical and rude remark about Mike to Matthew and Matthew gave me Mike's website. I went to Mike’s Website and I whined and complained some more to Matthew but after reading a little bit more I bought 4 books that Mike wrote (it was available right on his website).


Those books and Hands on Training CHANGED the way I used the internet to make money.



From then on, i have dedicated myself to helping people learn how to correctly use the internet to make money and in return,i hope they pay it forward. I believe that if you had the opportunity to know what I know now, I can honestly say without a single doubt in my mind that you will feel the same way I do.


Take the Initiative and educate yourself. Their is no other way, you must educate yourself to be successful in this business. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE!


if you still have any question check out what Mike Dillard is saying about Networking and Recruiting Click ==>> Learn Marketing and check back from time to time for important updates.


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