I'm a married mother of 5 grown children who've blessed me with 14 grandchildren. My husband and I live in Northwest Ohio, with Jack, a 72 pound Lab mix, and 2 cats. Within 10 minutes of meeting me, you'll learn that I am originally from Chicago, and that I love my hometown very much. Go Cubs! :-)

I’ve been in the home business industry ever since I can remember.

It began with cutting all my mother’s flowers, putting them in my little red wagon and going door to door in the neighborhood selling them for a nickel apiece…three for a dime… I was five!

That desire to earn a little extra money grew into a burning passion to be free!


I discovered Network Marketing in 1970 and was hooked on the home business industry! It seemed that despite life’s beautiful distractions, my heart always returned to this great industry, and since 1996, I’ve been “hard-core”.

It’s been an amazing journey through companies, comp plans and marketing strategies. I’ve seen it all and I’ve learned a ton!

In June of 2009, I decided to tackle what seemed at the time like an insurmountable task…taking my business online. At the time, sending email and uploading pictures of my grandchildren were virtually my only areas of expertise. Since then, I’ve learned social media, audio and video marketing, blogging, capture pages, etc. Even better, I’ve also learned the psychology behind marketing and how to tie all those mediums together.

However, I soon became disgusted with all the “get rich quick” and “buy my high dollar system” garbage that I was seeing on the internet. My heart broke for those single moms, retirees and unemployed parents who were handing over hundreds and THOUSANDS of dollars…because they had a dream…only to find themselves sitting alone in the dark, staring at a computer screen trying to figure it all out. I HAD to stand up and say “ENOUGH!”

Enough of taking money from single moms!

Enough of trying to convince an unemployed dad that he has to have a $2000 widget to be successful!!

Enough of telling a widow that she’d have her pension check back in less than a month!!!

The TRUTH needed to be told!!!!

That’s why I’m here. My mission…my passion…is to help other folks with a dream in their heart avoid the internet hype and save time (and money!) by openly and honestly sharing my experiences with them.

My purpose is to show them how to be FREE!