Founder and Creator of the new 5 Minute Mogul System and The SpiderWeb Marketing System.

As a young entrepreneur, Kimball Roundy was involved in Network, Internet and affiliate Marketing dating back to 1998.

With The revolutionary SpiderWeb System He grew a membership in his system to more than 285,500 Internet Marketing Professionals more from more than 176 countries, and built a newsletter list of more than 550,000 subscribers all in less than 18 months.

Additionally, through his same viral marketing system he grew a downline organization in multiple companies to larger than 8,000, one of which grew to more than 31,000 people, without ever talking to more than a few of them or "selling" them anything.

And Now He's Doing it Again! Introducing The 5 Minute Monopoly System! Where you can Monopolize Your Market and make 12+ Streams of Passive Residual Income Working Just 4 Minutes Per Day!

Not only is he responsible for the development of an international consulting firm, but he is also involved in other business ventures such as real estate, franchising and international marketing.

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