Association of Better Networkers Certification

Darlene Mulcahey is a Verified member of the Association of Better Networkers (ABN), and agrees to abide by the 7 Better Business Practices stated below. To learn more about the ABN, click here.

The ABN's Better Business Practices

  1. They must have a “zero spam” policy and must not send unsolicited emails to their team members, customers, or prospects. All mass email correspondence must be CAN-SPAM compliant and contain an “unsubscribe” link for easy removal from their lists. They respect the privacy of individuals and will not sell or distribute their contact information to a third party without their permission.
  2. The company(s) they represent is in good standing with the FTC and sells value-based products that improve the lives of their customers.
  3. They do not represent, endorse, or promote illegal pyramid schemes, or “cash-gifting” programs.
  4. They do not represent, endorse, or promote “forced-matrix” programs.
  5. They pledge to provide training and support to their team members, and make their contact information readily available to customers and/or distributors.
  6. They pledge to conduct their business with honesty and integrity, and value these traits above any financial gain they may receive by violating them.
  7. They will continually further their education and development as an entrepreneur so they may earn the level of success they desire.

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