I live in the Sunshine State! I’ve been in graduate school pursuing studies in EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY while providing online training to home and small business owners. It was be sheer I accident I stumbled onto this industry. I was providing some consultant work and saw the potential. At first I experienced what I thought were lots of stumbling blocks. Some was lack of knowledge of the industry, and the rest was a stubborn ingrained mindset. I realized it was not enough to get a little training here and there. I needed to identify the REAL TRAINING from the fluff that the so called “GURUS” were pitching at business owners. About 5 months into my first venture, I kept dismissing the mantra that seemed to follow me: SELL YOURSELF NOT A COMPANY! I found a training site and plugged into their FREE training and their supportive community. I began listening to several network marketing LEADERS and social media COACHES who believed and recommended that leveraging different websites would help create financial FREEDOM. I had heard this before but for some reason wondered, Is it that SIMPLE?! It was then when I realized that there was more to social media than the mere act of adding friends, getting followers, or getting people to buy your products. Discovering The Power of The Mind Indeed I understood there was POWER in social marketing and branding self. I immersed myself in a training program and felt super CONFIDENT about how this knowledge would increase my level of EXPERTISE and help empower others. So the idea of getting the right type of business training was covered. What then? Remember I had two issues that were holding me back. So then I finally decided I was going to win the mental battle which questioned my abilities and leadership skills. It was the best decision that I ever made to position my skills, training, and business on the PATH to PROSPERITY not just for me but for others who are on a similar journey. My Goal I am PASSIONATE about helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed. I like to inspire others to reach new levels of success especially when much of their experiences has been less than ideal. My background as a trainer and educator has been instrumental in preparing people with the RIGHT TOOLS, RESOURCES and of course the KNOWLEDGE to get the job done. I believe that an entrepreneur’s skillset tends to ATTRACT people. And if you combine your SKILLSET with your natural magnetic personality, you’ll likely draw many more people. Ultimately my goal is to be able to share this information with other entrepreneurs, in particular women, who are eager to learn. To be able to engage in this level of support for others has been one of my professional goals as a CHANGE AGENT for entrepreneurs.