Dustin Buysse is a successful businessman whose current company, Grow Rich Media specializes in online marketing and consulting and is the umbrella company for several online marketing and lead companies. Dustin focuses his companies on helping Business Opportunities as well as traditional businesses grow thier bottom line. He currently helped develop a cutting edge new company called Elite Media Ventures and purchased a major stake in the company as he believes EMV has the potential to be bigger the next google in online advertising.. At a young age Dustin Buysse started three successful MLM companies, at the same time he was a well-sought after Consultant, which encompassed everything from giving speeches to groups of network marketers in Las Vegas and accros the US to providing close council to both upstart as well as well-established MLM’s and serving recently as the Vice President of Sales of Wealth Masters International. He became committed to helping others succeed in their business ventures and went on to co-found his own Marketing Investment company in Grow Rich Media and today is currently Ceo of 5 companies and a Master Consultant with Wealth Masters International. Elite Media Ventures, is one of the fastest growing companies in the world of online marketing. Elite Media Ventures specializes in new forms of PPC marketing for MLM & Direct Sales opportunities, but also offers local advertising and offline marketing. Grow Rich Media and EMV were founded on a few guiding principals and lives up to them daily by forming strong relationships with their clients and putting a strong focus on quality data and superior customer service and superior ROI. Elite Media Ventures with Dustin’s expert guidance has made a name for itself and has ensured a long-term strategy for success. While he spends most of his time focused on Elite Media Ventures, Dustin still does occasional consulting if the circumstances are right. WIth the success of Grow Rich Media and EMV, Dustin decided to take on local marketing on a whole new level and started Golden Triangle Live, a city guide for the South East Texas area. Golden Triangle Live has just launched but it’s already on the air with advertisements and is rapidly growing. Golden Triangle Live is like a hub of information for the area providing everything from Free Singles, to Unlimited Free Picture Classifieds as well as local weather, where to findthe cheapest gas, and even classic arcade games. All for free, as it should be. Dustin and Golden Triangle Live have been recognized as one of the top city guides in the US today!