As a former Beverly Hills financial analyst, I learned firsthand that most people do not have a back-up plan in place – and in this New Economy, that’s important. Over 20 years ago when I had just finished college, I was lucky enough to be exposed to an incredibly successful couple in the network marketing industry – but being young and naïve, I wanted a ‘career’ full of challenge, so I said NO to the opportunity.

It didn’t take too long before I understood how important that network marketing meeting was to my future – LifeStyle Freedom!

About 12 years after that first introduction, I decided to make create my back-up plan and became a professional network marketer and never looked back. This industry has been GOOD to me and our family – it’s allowed me to replace the income I earned as a professional (which made my husband happy) and it gives me the time freedom to be the kind of mom I always dreamed of being – I am the craft mom, party mom, the field trip mom, and I just got done help back stage on my daughters dance production! It doesn’t get much better from a mom’s perspective.

From a business standpoint, we have BIG goals for our Women with Dreams and residual Money secrets (guys) Teams. As a million dollar earner in our industry, I have the heart to make a difference in YOUR life.

The mission of our community is to empower YOU to be financially FREE and live a life you LOVE! The time-tested proven systems and trainings will assist you in building a profitable, rock solid business.

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