I started this journey in 2001 ... I didn't know a thing about the internet or computers ... I got sober and set my mind to change my life. I began to study online marketing in 2006 ... that's when I started building my network with MySpace. I joined the ranks of the unemployed in March 2009 and that change challenged me to grow. I look at life with new eyes ... I have a God given passion for what I do ... I promote Near Death Survivor ... Patricia Grabow's online presence and her books. I met Robert Hollis and his wonderful team and he introduced me to Gano Excel ... now I found a product to believe in. I created Unlimited Profits for Life. If you want things to change in your life, You have to change things in your life! One step at a time, Take the time each day to learn a little more! If you can dream it, you can achieve it. You have a legacy that you were born into that influences you until you make conscious choices to change your destiny! I am driven by spirit ... ~Blessings of Love2U ... ~Debbie:)