Hi my name is Eric Tippetts! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me and what makes me "tick". I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and lived there for my childhood. I then moved to Salt Lake City, Utah (wow, what a culture and demographic shock!) and it's there I graduated High School with goals to become a professional tennis player. Those dreams were short lived and reality kicked in when I needed to start paying rent! I am a relationship based personality as I truly love people and making people smile. I have created multiple companies that have become multi-million dollar companies and I have now sunk my teeth into the Network Marketing arena as it baffles me "why" so many people join and "fail" to then quit and fuel the stigma of a pyramid/ponzi/no one makes money scheme, because they had a bad experience (which is all relative, if you were hyped up about how much money you are going to start making the second the ink dries up from the signup form, that is a false reality for the majority of new reps). So, after 5 years of consulting, listening, interviewing, the Top Million Dollar Earners and the New Distributors not making any money....I have figured it out! It's the mindset! Top Earners do not SELL!! Only people struggling in their business Sell products. Selling is hard...it's not duplicate-able! Most people feel uncomfortable selling and especially asking for Money. I quickly learned how to eliminate "the money obstacle" and never having to sell again...and it is SOOOO easy! Touch base if you are interested in learning how to "eliminate the Money Obstacle" and never having to sell again. Thanks, Eric