A Behind The Scenes Look At The 2 Facebook Ads That Generated 987 Leads in 15 Days

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So I recently launched a new traffic and lead generation course which created about $45K in sales during the 11 day period of the launch… Pretty cool right?

The following training shows 2 of the Facebook ads I created to make that possible. One is a video ad and one is an image ad.

These 2 ads alone, generated 987 leads for my business in a 15 day period, which averages out to about 67 leads per day.

WARNING: In this eye opening training video I do discuss my new training program “List Leverage 2.0,” and after you watch this incredibly valuable training you may feel compelled to buy the course… Yes, the video you are about to watch is that good!

However, it is currently closed. Sorry.  But you can get on the waiting list to get notified when I reopen it. 

By the way if you liked this training (or even if you hated it) go ahead and leave me a comment below…. Also, share it with your friends if you think they will find it valuable. Cool?

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Adam Chandler


Adam Chandler

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