Urgent News Empower is Shutting Down blogging and marketing will never be the same again

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"Put Your Income On BeastMode... 
And Lock Arms With Us For The Largest And Most Profitable Product Launch In History!"


Hey there, Dave & Dave here,

When we originally launched Empower Network a lot of people called us crazy. And they were right. We had the unreasonable and ridiculous goal of helping more people earn more money and have more success than anything in the history of Internet Marketing.

Fast forward almost 2 years, we've generated over 155,000 customers and paid out over $60,000,000 in commissions. So yes - *they were right* - we are crazy! :-)

More importantly, what we've done up until now is small in comparison to what we have planned for the future, and this launch is the start of a new evolution (and possibly, a new revolution, too). The bottom line is, since we launched on October 31, 2011 the Internet has never been the same. *And it's about to happen again.*

Join us. Let's lock arms. And *together* - create the most success, help the most people, and have the biggest, baddest and most 'beastmode' product launch ever. Ready?

Let's DO this.  Big Monday Night 'Empower Hour' call tonight at 9pm EST hosted by the one and only Dave Wood...

Dial in at 9pm EST: (209) 255-1040

...followed by the closing of the cart on Tuesday morning at 10am EST (which is Monday night 12am midnight Guam time). 

We wanted everyone all across America to have a chance to 'get in' before we close the cart leading up to the launch of the 'Blog Beast' 

And by 'cart close' we mean no on will be able to buy or join Empower Network after Tuesday Oct 8 at 10am EST until the grand opening of the 'Blog Beast' on October 18th.

Let's ROCK this beast!

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