Is Your Blogging Picture-Poor?

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Having an established writing or blogging strategy can help keep you on track and create momentum for success.

In this video I discuss the benefits of having a blogging strategy and share a Wordpress pluggin to help you establish one for yourself.

With this pluggin you use a calendar interface to edit or  add posts and plan posts in advance.

Remember that before people buy from you, they have to know, like, and trust you. Having a consistent amount of content can help showcase your service(s) and products all the while allowing people to get to know you. Create a strategy that you can follow and use it to get you the traffic you want for your site.

With over 1700 active users and 50,000 downloads and two major blogging sources, Copyblogger and Smashing Magazine, endorsing this Wordpress pluggin, it sure is a good resource to have in your toolbox.

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