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Oh Joy!

Yet ANOTHER social media platform that you get to figure out!

I’m always a tad bit skeptical when a new “latest and greatest” platform comes out…especially when it threatens to take up more of my precious time. 

I have to admit when I first heard about Pinterest I was intrigued….the wheels started turning on how I could use Pinterest for marketing purposes.

(That’s what happens when you’ve got marketing on the brain 24/7!)

I  rolled up my sleeves and spent literally 9 HOURS focused on one thing….

How to Effectively Promote Your Brand With Pinterest.

I intended to just shoot a quick video with my findings, but you know me…. I can’t go half-way on anything! So, instead of one video, I created 5.  I have condensed 9 hours of work into approximately 45 minutes of solid gold!

In this video, I discuss the basics of Pinterest to help you decide if Pinterest is right for your marketing plan. I personally see a lot of potential for some fresh marketing with it.

If you enjoyed the first video, here's whall you find in the others:

Video 2. Pinterest 101

Video 3. Pinterest Dos & Don’ts

Video 4. 7 Savvy Marketing Strategies on Pinterest

Video 5. 5 Savvy Brands to Follow on Pinterest

For a limited time, the training is FREE!

Ready to grab the rest of the videos?  Click HERE for the Gold!

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Natasha Nassar Hazlett is an attorney, internet marketing coach, personal branding expert and is the co-creator of The Lead Whisperer training courses. She's been marketing online since early 2007 and has generated thousands of leads, sponsored more than 175 people without cold-calling and has been a top affiliate in multiple programs. Thousands of network marketers have been through her popular Ultimate Attraction Marketing Crash Course.  

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