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Oh and it also happens to be the easiest to do....

And one of the biggest mistakes that people make...

Here is a great Series of 3 “Behind The Scenes” videos recorded at StomperNet Live 7 in Atlanta March 5-8 2009.  In these videos Leslie Rohde talks about the importence of Anchor Text in your SEO Efforts.  These are never before seen videos where Leslie reveals some GREAT SEO knowledge.  Enjoy :-)  (Please Note that this recording was filmed at a Networking After Party, and it is uncut so some of it may not be suitable for children–Nothing really bad, just a few swear words and references to drinking)

The video on this page is just part 1 0f 3... To see the other 2 parts go here on my Blog: Leslie Rohde Discusses The importance of Anchor Text in SEO

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