Best top 5 ways to be productive in your "home business"

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Top 5 ways to be productive while working from home:

1. Start Fresh, Start anew
A. Create a designated work area
B. incorporate a do not disturb policy
C. Eliminate every distraction

2. Create a business casual environment
A.This is your home buisness, your are the boss
B. excercise a stress free environment
C. Decorate your home office with pictures that matter to you
D. Have a self-improvement book collection

3. Be business equiped
A. Have the 3 basic equipment needed for a home business

4. Be prepared to work simultaneously
A. provide the proper care for your family prior to work
B. If something comes up handle it and come right back to work

5. Treat your home business like a business
A. Create a business plan
B. Be organized
C. Create a Schedule
D. Set goals
E. Have deadlines

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