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Ask a child, what's creativity all about? and they’re likely to say…

it’s about doing things in a most outrageous way or ways;

it’s about thinking outside the box…

Ask an adult this exact question and they’re likely to pinpoint different scenarios but in the end all pointing to the idea of doing things outside the norm.

However, you’ll also conclude that for some adults the idea of being creative is an emotional state that sometimes is difficult to find for a lot of personal reasons.

Being in a state of ‘creative flow,” according to Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi means that a person’s motivational level is completely focused.  One of his studies points to the idea that 15% of the participants never experienced a state of “flow”, while 15-20% said they experience it every day (or several times a day), and the rest of the participants were found to be in the middle of those 2 categories.

Keep in mind that being able to experience a state of creative flow has not been linked to intelligence.  Therefore learning ways of thinking creatively or exposing yourself to a creative process, can have positive effects on different areas of your life.

Be sure to watch the video on this page and learn about how to apply the findings of a scientific study about creativity which was conducted at North Dakota State University.

And know this....if being creative is not reserved only for the smart people of the world, everyone can tap this ability. Therefore, it’s a great idea to learn how to channel the the power of thinking creatively and apply it to all areas of your life.

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