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If you haven't seen the movie, "The Inside Job" about the wall street meltdown and how the banks are stealing all our money, I highly recommend you do.

More than ever before, now we need to build a new economy… help each other through, what are definitely going to be challenging financial times. By participating in network marketing companies, and MLM opportunities, we are helping other people pay their bills, put food on the table, pay their rent, and simply improve the quality of their lifestyle by purchasing valuable products and services from each other.

Higher purpose network marketing, really is way of saving the economic structure of this planet, with everybody buying their products from other small business people… individuals buying the products from each other, and forming tribes and communities which support each other, by investing in each others respective businesses.

I think we’ve been looking at network marketing the wrong way… as some sort of get rich quick thing, and it’s reputation has suffered due to some of the tactics and practices of a few individuals, that perhaps approached the industry from a self-serving perspective. It needs to become a respected and viable alternative way, of producing income, or even be looked at as an investment strategy with a high potential ROI.

Intention and gratitude definitely have a place in a new paradigm for network marketing. There are lots of products with high perceived value and high actual value, and you’re actually helping not only yourself, but also helping other people live better lives. There is no end to the variety of products that can be purchased this way, especially in the fields of health, technology, services, and ecology. Even products like books, clothing and food can be purchased through affiliates with any of the major shopping portals.

We need to form tribes, for our own survival, and to educate ourselves. There are going to be a lot of disturbing truths revealed in the near future. I must reiterate…we have been lied to, however the truth can no longer be hidden, so go and watch “Inside Job” and see what’s been done to us without our knowledge. Uncover the deception, lies and see who’s running this planet and realize that we do need to do something, to take back the power. We need to educate ourselves about the power of leverage, and passive residual income.
There’s plenty of abundance to go around.

So let’s give to each other by supporting each other in our individual home-based businesses, and form communities and tribes of people, who get together and help each other, love each other, and to learn together about this new age that is coming to the planet. We need to live in peace and abundance and take back our power.


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