What Negative Phrases from Childhood Are You Carrying Over to Adulthood?

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What effect are the negative phrases from your childhood having on your business mindset? your revenue? your overall results?

"The past is a source of knowledge, and the future is a source of hope.” - Stephen Ambrose

Authenticity is something many strive for and preach but so many fall short to embrace.  This idea of showing your true colors tends to be overshadowed by the muddy and hypocritical messages many of you got when you were little kids.

They ranged from "Act your age,” “Be happy with what you have,” "Act as if," "Boys don’t cry," “Do it right the first time,” “Don’t ask stupid questions,” “Get your head out of the clouds,” “God will punish you for this,” “I hope you have children just like you,” “That’s just the way it is,” “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” “What makes you think YOU can do that,” “You can’t trust anyone,” “You’re such a dreamer – get real,” or “You’re your own worst enemy.”
Listen to the message on this audio to learn practical ways to reverse the effects of those phrases from being carried over to adulthood.

For change to take effect, you gotta have the guts to shine a light on the dark stuff. Being aware of what is holding you back is a way to step closer to snatching the dreams you play every night in your head before you go to sleep. Keep in mind that by listening to this audio, you understand that it’s not professional counseling.

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