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We want to welcome you to our home. Most people are very skeptical about weather people are for real online or not. We are for real and we wish to share a bit of our life story with you. It is evident that a lot of people join programs, business and social sites without really getting to know who they are talking to. We hope that our lives give others a glimpse at what can happen through faith, perseverance and love for each other.

As you may be able to tell. I am not writer or a professional speaker. I am a inspired husband, father, grandfather and friend. To be up front this is what brings me closer to our goals, dreams and aspirations.

We are Network Marketers with SISEL INTERNATIONAL. After years of looking and trying many different things. The Lord put my family and this great family of marketers together. We will talk about that later.

If you ever want to talk just let us know by email, skype or phone anytime. Weather about life or business. It does not matter. We are leaving our contact information below and also our Make A Change Registration Site. I once a stranger is just a person who you have not meet yet... 


Danny & Laura
skype: daniellecompany

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